Up Close with 2005 Alum Osamu Kobayashi

After Hours, by Osamu Kobayashi

Osamu Kobayashi
After Hours
oil on canvas
23″ x 20″

NYSRP: Osamu, how has the NYSRP influenced your work and informed you as an artist?

Osamu: The artists and critics who were invited to the NYSRP to teach and discuss art were all practicing professionals invested in the NY art world. Because of the program’s location, they were also, in a sense, neighbors. This nurtured a more casual, communal atmosphere of interaction with the people who made the NY art world spin. I instantly found myself a part of it, albeit in a small way, and not just as a spectator as I always had. I’ve tried to maintain that communal atmosphere since, having made friends who are equally as invested in their art and who push me with my work as much as I hope I push them.

NYSRP: How has the NYSRP helped you on your path to be the successful practicing artist you are today?

Osamu: I consider myself successful to the extent that I continue to make work despite my other responsibilities. In this regard, the NYSRP helped me to get a taste of what it was like being an artist in NYC and the hustle it takes to sustain that practice. I often find myself wanting less responsibilities and more time to be in the studio, but much of those same responsibilities, such as working for other artists, have given me insight into my own practice, which has directly and indirectly informed my work.

NYSRP: Can you share with us a recent and/or current exhibition or project?

Osamu: My first solo show in NYC entitled “62 Miles Above Sea Level” is currently up at the Greenwich House Music School and runs through June 10th. It includes 6 paintings dating from 2006 to the present. I also have a painting on view at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in NYC as part of their “Exhibition of Work by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Awards”– a mouthful for sure. That show will be up through June 9th.

NYSRP: Thanks Osamu!

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