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  • Patrick Sarmiento

    School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    NYSRP has really opened me up to the idea of an individualized studio practice. The time in the studio is a time of experimentation and play that is really fulfilling. Working with my peers and the dialogues that arose through informal conversation with them, seemed to be the best tool for development of my ideas. New York is so much fun and has so much to offer in terms of people and places.

Students attending the NYSRP will retain their affiliation, financial aid status, and registration with their home institutions, and will be on “independent study” or “mobility” during the NYSRP semester. Students are responsible for paying all tuition and fees to their home institution; tuition and registration fees will not be payable to SVA, except in cases where students register for additional courses at SVA of their own volition, or make use of SVA’ s specialized facilities. NYSRP students will be registered as “Visiting Students” (or similar designation) at SVA. Unofficial transcripts will be sent by SVA to the student’s home institution as a courtesy record of NYSRP activity. All credits, grades and official transcripts will be granted at the discretion of the home school in accordance with its own policies.

NYSRP students may register and pay separately for SVA courses which provide access to the specific facilities associated with those courses. In such cases they would be subject to the academic and grading policies of SVA, and those classes will be entirely separate from the NYSRP.

NYSRP Students will be issued regular SVA student ID cards, and receive all discounts, reciprocal arrangements, and student services as may be available to other SVA students with IDs. SVA’s open laboratories and equipment will be available to NYSPR students, subject to any SVA policies. Individual students will be responsible for paying any studio or equipment use fees directly to SVA. (see Facility Resources/Studios and FAQ section for full list of available facilities and requirements for use)

Students enrolled in the NYSRP are required to carry medical insurance. This requirement may be satisfied by verifying the existence of valid insurance through their home school or through their parents. If students do not have medical insurance in force for the semester of enrollment, they must participate at their own expense in the medical insurance program offered by SVA. An additional which may not be waived, will be also charged by SVA to the applicable student in such cases. All NYSRP students must comply with New York State laws regarding immunization.

Read more about SVA’s student services, including information about SVA’s medical insurance program.