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The NYSRP recommends the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn Heights, a 15 minute walk to the NYSRP. Besides proximity,the St. George Hotel hosts many other student bodies from various universities and provides a safe, full service, and affordable option for incoming residents. The St. George has set up a personalized website for incoming NYSRP residents. CLICK HERE FOR THE ST. GEORGE housing sign in site. NYSRP residents can also find alternate housing options by teaming up and sharing, filling spots by students returning home after the previous semester, or by staying with nearby friends and/or family.

Also, from time to time, some NYSRP students also find housing at the New York Arts Program, which is a facility of Ohio Wesleyan University and located on the edge of the Chelsea art district in Manhattan. It is a well-furnished and equipped brownstone with shared rooms. Students interested in this option should contact Susan Childrey (Program Coordinator), susan@nyartsprogram.org at (212) 563-0255 and mention their participation in the upcoming NYSRP semester.

Housing resources:
stephanie diamond’s list **RECOMMENDED
student housing NEW YORKER HOTEL

Additional LINKS: Updated 8/8/16
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Besides St. George Hotel (not far from the NYSRP and affordable (not least expensive) the best alternative option to date has been craigslist or an alumni contact, either through your home school or the NYSRP. I suggest coming to NYC at least a week or two early, stay with a friend if possible, and do your search then, since most temporary roommate situations change over within a month, meaning that a sub-leaser has given their one month notice and an open room is available.

If you do not feel comfortable with a particular sub-leaser/landlord/roommate, DO NOT rent from them. In other words, it’s best to meet the person face to face before you make your decision and DO NOT hand over more than one month’s security deposit. Typically, for a single room, you should not pay more than $1000/mnth. maximum. If you have any questions/concerns about this, please contact me (alan@aicad.org) before you sign an agreement.

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    Milwuakee Institute of Art and Design

    My overall experience of participating in this program has given me the freedom/burden to create self-directed art and learn from my own mistakes for discoveries and improvements to enhance my personal art practice. The Dumbo area accommodates this experience by being a very safe and lively environment for such a study and practice to flourish.