Cost of Living

Based on average NYC art school statistics, the cost of living for one semester (4 months) is $12,000. Costs will vary greatly, particularly in rents, food and art supplies.

Average room for 4 months approx. $3700
Subway/Bus approx. $500
Fees (avg. SVA facility fee – if applicable) $200 – $800
Food approx. $3000
Art Supplies approx. $2500
Personal approx. $1500
Student Voices
  • Sarmiento
  • Patrick Sarmiento

    School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    NYSRP has really opened me up to the idea of an individualized studio practice. The time in the studio is a time of experimentation and play that is really fulfilling. Working with my peers and the dialogues that arose through informal conversation with them, seemed to be the best tool for development of my ideas. New York is so much fun and has so much to offer in terms of people and places.