Q and A with 2003 NYSRP Alum Kianja Strobert

American Boom IV, by Kianja Strobert

“American Boom IV,” by Kianja Strobert.

AICAD/NYSRP: Kianja, how has the NYSRP influenced your work and informed you as an artist?

Kianja: During that time I began working on hybrid abstract/ figurative images as well as incorporating objects found in my travels and everyday life. I continue gathering my materials this way, and I continue to pursue the hybrid imagery that began at the program.

AICAD/NYSRP: How has the NYSRP helped you on your path to be the successful practicing artist you are today?

Kianja: I believe that the New York Studio Residency Program, due to the incredible amount of freedom afforded its students to pursue their own interests taught me a great deal about responsibility and discipline. It was an introduction to making pieces from pure desire instead of by assignment, and presenting this work to peers and professionals. At the time I was just starting to create pieces somewhere between the field of abstraction and figuration, an attitude toward my imagery that continues today. I always felt that I was being taken seriously, even when problems in the work were being exposed. As a result of attending the program I cemented an attitude that seeing my practice through was as important as each individual piece.

AICAD/NYSRP: Can you share with us a recent and/or current exhibition or project?

Kianja’s recent exhibitions:
“Nothing to Do but Keep Going” curated by Jeffrey Uslip, Santa Monica Museum of Art, 2012
“Fore” curated by Lauren Haynes, Naima J. Keith and Thomas J. Lax, Studio Museum of Harlem, 2012

AICAD/NYSRP: Thanks Kianja!