NYSRP Fall 2015 Newsletter – Hot off the Press!

The following article regarding NYSRP alum Chat Travieso, Spring 2006 (MICA 2007), included in our Fall 2015 Newsletter, highlights the NYSRP’s continued involvement and dialog with our DUMBO neighbors and collaborators. To see the full Newsletter, click HERE.


MICA/NYSRP ’06 Alum Chat Travieso


Contributed by by Anni Irish

Chat Travieso has been forging his own path in the art world since attending NYSRP in 2006. After graduating from MICA with a BFA in 2007, he completed a Masters in Architecture from Yale University in 2010. He is currently an artist in residence at Smack Mellon in DUMBO.

Smack Mellon was founded in 1995 by Andrea Reynosa and Kevin Vertrees, and has showcased the work of hundreds of artists in various residencies, exhibitions, and other capacities. The space was originally conceived of as being, “a multidisciplinary exchange between artists and musicians.” Over the last twenty years, Smack Mellon has become one of the foremost gallery spaces in the city, offering a variety of residency and exhibition opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists.

Travieso’s projects have been featured in several publications including Bomb Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic. Conceptual themes include the reconfiguration of space and commenting on the multifaceted elements within these spaces. Chat’s instinctive playful approach serves as, “functional urban interventions and public art projects, which build or reinforce social bonds in our public spaces.” It is this interventionist approach that has allowed Chat to create installations that seek to not only rethink and re-imagine the urban landscape, but also incorporate elements of the communities in which these projects exist.

Regarding his residency at Smack Mellon, Travieso said, “I see the residency as an opportunity to look inward and create more personal works within a studio environment. The aim is to expand my approach and encompass a wide range of forms and settings to push my practice in a more radical and poetic direction.”

For another recent project entitled, “Yes Loitering” Travieso explains, “This project investigates ways to create more open and inclusive public spaces for young people. Young people have few, if any spaces in a city where they feel welcomed and autonomous. Whether they are seen as criminal threats or a nuisance, young people are often the targets of socio-spatial restriction through such means as anti-loitering laws, curfews, constant surveillance, police harassment, lack of seating, skate deterrents, and other hostile means.” Travieso went on to state, “The objective of this project is to challenge adults’ spatial hegemony and allow teenagers to voice how they would shape their surroundings to fit their needs and desires.”

It is this keen sensitivity to social consciousness that has helped frame Travieso’s approach to his work.

Chat Travieso’s Website