Student Profile

Spring 2015 residents Diego Suarez (Cornish) and Jill Dillow (Columbus, CCAD)

Spring 2015 residents Diego Suarez (Cornish) and Jill Dillow (Columbus, CCAD)

The student who typically does well at the AICAD/NYSRP has a strong sense of purpose, initiative, and an ability to adapt and grow within a group dynamic. At the same time, the student must be able to balance life outside of the studio and maintain a professional and respectful relationship with AICAD/NYSRP faculty, staff, and fellow students. This consists of showing up to class and scheduled events on time, following the rules laid out by the NYSRP administration, and being able to work independently.

Success at the program also comes in the form of taking artistic risks, being able push one’s practice to new heights, receiving constructive criticism in a mature manner, and utilizing New York City as a laboratory for developing new ideas.

The AICAD/NYSRP faculty and staff are committed to providing a rigorous and supportive environment to ensure that students experience a transformational educational experience while attending the program. That being said, students best suited for attending the AICAD/NYSRP are those who can meet the challenges of working independently while engaging in the overall discourse provided at the program.

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