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Link to Updated Program Curriculum Description Document – Published Spring 2016
Link to Updated Program Assessment Tool – Published Spring 2016

Independent Studio| 16 Credits TOTAL

NYSRP applicants will be enrolled in a 16 credit Independent Studio Program. This program includes a Critical Art Seminar, Contemporary Art Seminar, and Critique Session course requirement.

Students also receive individual work spaces.

Disciplines typically practiced and developed at the NYSRP:

Painting • Sculpture • Photography • Illustration • New & Mixed Media • Digital Arts & Video • Fiber Arts

Contemporary Art Seminar | 3 credits

The basic methodology of this 3-hour seminar introduces students to a series of theoretical issues respective to contemporary art by emphasizing historical considerations, current critical discourse, and studio practice.

Rather than a media focus, or a chronological approach, major theoretical issues are introduced and examined in terms of the manner in which they have been articulated over the course of the century, in some cases, or in recent decades. A brief preliminary list of issues follows to give an example of the structure of the seminar.

Students will receive a detailed outline of the issues, ideas and artists to be discussed at each session, together with key critical essays that will be required readings. In addition, students will be required to attend specified gallery and museum exhibitions that will be brought into discussion throughout the semester. Each student will be required to make a 15-minute slide presentation and mini-lecture on a current exhibition. Each seminar is followed by individual studio critiques of three students. Grades will be based on class participation and on oral presentation.

The issues addressed in the seminar will be: authenticity, appropriation, originality, anarchy, subversion, contamination, persona of the artist, autobiographical impulse in art, aspects of performance art, art for art’s sake vs. socially engaged art, quality and taste, the body, form and content, cultural production, political art, cultural responses to art, exhibition history in the 20th century, postmodernism vs. modernism, and up-to-the-moment art practice.

Academic equivalents: art history, art theory, liberal studies.
Current faculty: Jan Avgikos, art critic, writer and historian of modern and contemporary art.

Critical Seminar & Visiting Artist Program | 3 credits

The Critical Seminar is designed to help residents develop their ability to engage in critical discourse around their studio practices through discussion and writing. The course will introduce the major developments in art history and theory that inform the critical discourse in New York by examining the different value systems including aesthetics, political and social concerns, and new methods of production and distribution. The course will also include important exhibition visits and residents will be required to produce one written review of a current exhibition that relates to their own studio practice or artistic interests.

The Visiting Artist Program includes a weekly 1 hour visiting artist lecture followed by an intimate, half hour discussion with the artist. A wide-range of artists are invited to the program covering a range of contemporary art practices while representing different levels of professional success. Individual studio visits with the residents will be conducted by the visiting artist and/or faculty.

Grades for the Critical Seminar are based on attendance, class participation, and studio performance.

Academic equivalent: art history or liberal studies
Current Faculty: William Powhida, artist and writer, artistic co-director of NYSRP

Critique Sessions |10 credits

Critique Sessions Include 20 hours of individual studio practice, a mid-semester critique, a final review, and the Open House exhibition.

Two fine art faculty meet jointly and on alternative weeks with students for the Critique Sessions. The session includes discussing contemporary art issues as well as sharing news about social and political topics of the day. Individual studio visits are conducted after the conclusion of the group discussion. Students are also required to make occasional off-site studio visits with faculty. The entire faculty will collaboratively determine the grading for the critique sessions.

Academic equivalent: studio practice, independent studio.
Current faculty: Glenn Goldberg, painter.