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  • Kasper Ray O'Brien

    College for Creative Studies

    The past few months spent with the New York Studio Residency Program have been some of the most influential and mind bending experiences of my life. Having the greatest opportunity of working among fifteen extremely talented individuals, whilst being guided by some of the most creative thinkers I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing with, has proved to be the game changer I had been longing for. A semester filled with growth and love. To my studio mates, you’re forever in my thoughts.

Facilities include:

  • a shop with hand and power tools for carpentry and small sculpture
  • a large seminar-reading-presentation room
  • 20 individual studios with quartz lights, outlets and studio furniture (and large windows for 6 studios)
  • DSL internet connection with WiFi
  • (2) Intel Apple iMac G5 computers
  • Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Suite – Complete
  • Final Cut Studio Pro
  • Ricoh/Scanner/Copier/Printer COLOR
  • Canon scanner
  • 3 HD projectors
  • Canon Vixia HD Video Camera
  • Blu-Ray DVD player
  • a fax machine
  • a wide-screen TV-VCR
  • exhaust fans
  • vented toxic spray booth
  • air conditioning
  • and a fully equipped kitchenette with cooking and eating area.

Program participants should bring the computers, cameras, camcorders, software and other equipment they may need for their particular projects.

Several of the SVA facilities (listed below) are available for use by the NYSRP students with advance registration, and will require a usage fee. Fees for these facilities will be listed at the start of the semester. As of Fall Semester 2013, these fees were:

Digital Imaging Lab – $800 for the semester
Large Format Digital Printing – SVA DIGITAL PRINT PRICE GUIDE.
Photography Darkroom – $275 for the semester

Fees subject to change.


Specialized Computer Use – This is for students who want to use the Computer Art Departments Macintosh or PC computers in order to work on their own projects without the guidance of a faculty member. Students are expected to have a full working knowledge of both the software and hardware they will be using. Permission of the Computer Art Department chair is required.
Printmaking Workshop – Undergraduate students not enrolled in a printmaking course and who would like to use the printshop facilities to work independently must register for Printmaking Workshop Access. Prerequisite: Two semesters of printmaking or permission from the printmaking coordinator. Access is available during printshop hours that do not conflict with ongoing courses.

Sculpture Center – For undergraduate students who want access to the Sculpture Center. Students will work independently. Prerequisite: Two semesters of sculpture or permission from the Sculpture Center manager. Note: Access is available during Sculpture Center hours that do not conflict with ongoing classes.

It is important to remember that SVA, on the east side of Manhattan, is not near the NYSRP, and labs/workshops may be inconvenient to access regularly. It is for that reason that we advise students coming to the NYSRP as photography majors or wanting to use the photography facilities at SVA to bring their own equipment.

The Studios

Each New York Studio Residency Program participant who has chosen the Independent Studio Option will have a studio measuring 8 x 12 feet (2.4 x 3.65 meters) with 3 walls.

8 of those studios are divided by sliding walls and are larger. Of those 8, 6 have 2 large walls with the third being a window wall looking out on the street with either west or south light.

All studio walls and floors are freshly painted each semester.

There are 20 studios at the NYSRP. Each studio is equipped with a work table, chair and 4 to 5 quartz track lights. Participants may bring in any other equipment or furniture relative to their work or comfort. Students wishing privacy may install a curtain across the open side.

The New York Studio Residency Program has established a rule that no one person has the right to dominate the program space and that each participant shall be able to create her or his art work in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

For those reasons several established regulations are in effect at all times in the studios:

  1. no smoking;
  2. no alcoholic beverages or controlled substances;
  3. no music without headphones;
  4. no loud sounds of any kind;
  5. no entering another’s studio without permission.

The set-up of the studios and the established rules parallel those practiced in the studios of the more than 100,000 professional artists in New York.