20th Anniversary

Spring 1993 NYSP

We Celebrate on Many Levels

Huge credit for the creation – and also long-term success – of this marvelous program goes to ten intrepid academic deans of the AICA art school consortium in 1985, who dreamed of sending talented students from across the country to New York City for an intense, independent semester. There was, however, some hesitation. Fortunately, eventually, their germ of an idea was galvanized by Jeff Nesin (now Provost at the School of Visual Arts), who said, “Of course you should do this!” And they did.

In the fall of 1991 a new, larger art school consortium – AICAD – was formed and began to operate the Program in the fall of 1992. In the 20 years since then, more than 600 students have attended the NYSRP. Each semester has brought a new, lively group of students to our Studio – all of them different, but all equally talented and motivated. Our greatest celebration, our greatest pride, is our alumni. They are why we’re here; they are the heart of Program. We are delighted to reconnect with all of them!

We also celebrate the AICAD people who have so loyally and steadfastly guided this Program. We have been blessed with a truly great faculty – Jan Avgikos, Glenn Goldberg, Pam Lins, and Dominique Nahas – whose energy and commitment create invaluable support and exposure for the students. Al Lupiani manages the day-to-day operations with skill and aplomb. Meghann Snow has been responsible for a huge part of this entire alumni effort over the past year. And, of course, we couldn’t do any of this if it weren’t for the support of the AICAD Board of Trustees. Our thanks to all of you!

More than any others, however, three people have made it possible to celebrate this 20th Anniversary. Lesley Cadman, Associate Dean at Parsons for 25 years, provided the deft guidance and support the Program needed in its early years. Perhaps her greatest contribution to the Program was asking John Tomlinson to be the Director, which he has done for a full 20 years with even-tempered grace and wisdom. And last but not least, we celebrate Jeff Nesin, who not only provided the verbal nudge that got the Program going in the first place, but who also was until last year the Program’s greatest champion in his role as liaison between the Program and the AICAD Board until just last year – a position now ably assumed by Deny Griffith. Bravo to each of you!

We look forward to another healthy 20 years!

Bill Barrett

Executive Director, AICAD (1994-2012)
March 2012

  • Student VoicesTaal
  • Sean Taal

    Alberta College of Art + Design

    The New York Studio Residency Program has had an amazing impact on my practice, and I feel it will be an experience I continue to reflect on far in the future. It has informed and matured my work through critical theory, exposure to vast amounts of art, and the opinions and creative ideas from my peers within the program. The relationships I have built here will be a valuable asset to me in the future as I enter into the art community beyond undergraduate school.