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      Alberta College of Art + Design

      The New York Studio Residency Program has had an amazing impact on my practice, and I feel it will be an experience I continue to reflect on far in the future. It has informed and matured my work through critical theory, exposure to vast amounts of art, and the opinions and creative ideas from my peers within the program. The relationships I have built here will be a valuable asset to me in the future as I enter into the art community beyond undergraduate school.

  • The AICAD/New York Studio Residency Program (NYSRP)
    is a sixteen-credit, semester-long, off-campus program for fine arts majors located in DUMBO Brooklyn, New York. It is operated by the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD) for the benefit of students from its member institutions across the US and Canada. Participating students receive individual studio spaces at the NYSRP, weekly critique sessions, and a diverse seminar/visiting artist program which includes a comprehensive introduction to the New York art world.

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